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Mother’s Day DIY Gift

Like I told you last week, I wanted to create a mother’s day gift that she would really enjoy. My mom loves simple and clean decorations so I thought a pussy willow wreath would be perfect. It’s classic, simple and beautiful..just like my mother. Instead of giving you step-by-step instructions, I wanted to show you… Continue reading Mother’s Day DIY Gift

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Becoming a Flower Bouquet Expert

Ahhh, feel that 50 degree warmth with the sun shining on you? (Not really because where I live it’s currently snowy and cold, but I’m dreaming) That means spring is upon us (or so I wish.) The best part about spring are all of the flowers. There are daffodils, pansys, lilacs, and my personal favorite..tulips. I am… Continue reading Becoming a Flower Bouquet Expert

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Everybody Makes Mistakes..

Well shyers, I totally failed. Every person at one point or another has had what they’re picturing in their head not translate into real life. This happened to me today with my DIY vase. It started out pretty well. I had all of the right supplies. ….or so I thought. Apparently, ModPodge is not the… Continue reading Everybody Makes Mistakes..