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Mother’s Day DIY Gift

Like I told you last week, I wanted to create a mother’s day gift that she would really enjoy.

My mom loves simple and clean decorations so I thought a pussy willow wreath would be perfect. It’s classic, simple and beautiful..just like my mother.

Instead of giving you step-by-step instructions, I wanted to show you guys what it’s like when I do a DIY project.

Check out what my day consisted of this past weekend.

My mom really loved this wreath. When I talked to her later she told me not only was it beautiful, but it was even more special because I took the time to make it.

Hearing my moms appreciation really reminded me why I DIY.  When someone expresses their gratitude and how much they think your craft is beautiful, it makes everything worth it.

If you make this wreath or made your mom something totally different, share it in the comments! I would love to see it.

From my eye for the shy,




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