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Is Nifty Really That Nifty?

When I first saw that BuzzFeed came out with Nifty, I was initially extremely excited about it. I followed them right away and couldn’t wait to see all of their neat ideas.

While there have been a few like this cool way to get rid of wax stains and this DIY magnetic makeup organizer, the majority of their videos are just not that nifty.

A lot of the times their ideas are not that inventive and to be honest, aren’t the attractive.

Take this lotus candle holder for example. To me, it looks like exactly what is is: spoons surrounding a candle. Trying to disguise it as a “lotus flower” isn’t fooling anyone. It simply looks like you had left over spoons from a family gathering and instead of saving them for the next one, you just glued it to something random to prevent yourself from throwing it away.

I also think this Lazy Susan is completely impractical. It would just be easier to ask someone to pass you the ketchup rather than spinning the plates around. Also, if you use this trick you run the risk of scratching up your nice plates on the bottom, no thank you.

While there are a few shining gems on this page, I would say the majority of their ideas are trash rather than treasure. I expected much more from Nifty.

From my eye for the shy,





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