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Crafts with Friends

There’s no doubt that doing something alone is just plain boring. Sure, once you finish a craft by yourself you can admire the hard work you put into it, but that’s the problem…YOU put in the hard work.

Crafting is really about hanging out with friends and having a good time while making something TOGETHER, not just alone by YOUrself.

Recently a few of my friends came together to create a gift for one of our very best friends who is graduating soon. This friend is very into arts and crafts so they couldn’t think of a more meaningful way to show her how much they will miss her than make their own special craft for her.

They chose to make a painting that reads VENI, VIDI, AMAVI..which translates into we came, we saw, we loved.

They spent so much time and effort into making this piece for their friend. They even had time to reflect on their hard work and effort.

There’s no doubt that our friend will love this gift. It was so thoughtful and kind. On top of it, these two got to hang out for a bit and have some fun.

From my eye for the shy,




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