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5 Steps to Making a Cozy Bed

There’s nothing better at the end of the day than to jump into a nice, cozy bed. I recently came across a buzzfeed article with 17 steps to make a cozy bed. 17 steps just seems like too much work to me though. To help make your bed the most comfortable and welcoming that it can be, I have come up with 5 elements for you to use to make the most of your night time sanctuary.

1. The actual bed.

Choosing the right bed for you is essential. No matter what you put on your bed, if you don’t like actually sleeping on it then it will never reach it’s optimum comfortability factor. Sleep number is a great bed but they can also get a little pricy. The best thing to do is to find a time that you can actually visit a store and give each bed a little test run. Trust me, when you find “the one” you’ll know.

2. Nice sheets.

There is nothing like soft sheets. Sure, they’re a little more expensive but when you’re snuggled into your bed and ready for a good nights sleep then you’ll thank yourself for spending that extra bit of money. Think of it this way, the higher the thread count..the faster you fall asleep.

3. Duvet > everything else. 

For the most cozy bed, opt for a duvet cover. When you hop into bed you’ll feel like you’re getting a hug from a cloud when you put the duvet over you. It is a sure-fire way to make your bed not only feel comfortable, but also look warm and inviting.

4. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows. 

There’s just something about having loads of pillows on your bed that screams “jump into bed it’s time to have the best nights sleep of your life.” The firmness of pillows are completely up to you, but just like your bed you’ll know it when you find it.

5. Layer on the love.

Adding a decorative blanket at the end of your bed creates an added layer of comfort. You can get creative with the color you choose while simultaneously adding an extra cozy component to your bed. I personally love faux fur blankets because visually the look comfortable and physically they are so incredibly soft and warm.

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