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Planning a Gallery Wall

The hottest house trend of late is a gallery wall. If you do them correctly, they look amazing. However, if you don’t they can just look like a jumbled mess. To help you plan out a wall, I have made a step-by-step process you can use to ensure you’re getting the best look.

1. Choose your prints.

When you’re looking for things to hang up there is one cardinal rule you must follow. You need to have a set color scheme. If there is too many colors going on, it creates a very distracting wall and after all your hard work you don’t want people to be too overwhelmed to look at it.

2. Pick things other than photos.

Don’t get me wrong, photos should be the majority of your gallery wall but it shouldn’t be all of it. Take advantage of your decorative wall objects by using them to show off your style. Do you have a playbill of your favorite play? Or an awesome wooden piece you got on vacation? That’s great! Use them to show off your personality.

3. Pick different frames but with the same color background.

Using different types of frames such as dark wood, black, metal, or gold are a great way to make your wall visually appealing. However, you need to choose a common mat behind your frame in order to create a cohesive wall. I find that white usually works the best.

4. Buy parchment paper before you hang.

The best way to make sure you have a nice looking wall is to use parchment paper or brown paper before you hang up the actual photos. Simply trace the frames and decorative objects you are using and then tape up the paper. This allows you to actually see what it will look like and it allows you to move around photos easily.

The best part about a gallery wall is that it is a direct reflection of you. It allows visitors a glimpse into your life and creates a great conversation piece.

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