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Becoming a Flower Bouquet Expert

Ahhh, feel that 50 degree warmth with the sun shining on you? (Not really because where I live it’s currently snowy and cold, but I’m dreaming) That means spring is upon us (or so I wish.)

The best part about spring are all of the flowers. There are daffodils, pansys, lilacs, and my personal favorite..tulips. I am making a visit to my hometown this  weekend and I came across such a cool event.

There is a “DIY Floral Wrapping Station” at my local flower shop, Main Street Florist. During this you learn how to properly make a bouquet and you learn to present it in a professional way.

I will be attending it tomorrow and I will let you know my thoughts on it during my live-tweeting event!

Stay tuned as I learn to become a “professional” DIY flower wrapper! Is that an official job title?  Probably not, but I’m making it be one.

From my eye for the shy,



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