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Everybody Makes Mistakes..

Well shyers, I totally failed. Every person at one point or another has had what they’re picturing in their head not translate into real life. This happened to me today with my DIY vase. It started out pretty well. I had all of the right supplies.


….or so I thought. Apparently, ModPodge is not the correct adhesive for gold leafing paper.



It is too thick and doesn’t allow for proper drying time. Just look how paste like and for lack of a better word, globby it is.  But hey, what did I know when I was buying it? The ModPodge was right next to the gold leafing paper so I figured they went hand-in-hand.

Next came the gold foiling paper. I thought I had this in the bag. I had seen people use it on TV enough that I thought I could handle it. After spreading the ModPodge on the predetermined appropriate side (hence the brown line in the photo) I placed the sheet on the glue.


This was going fine until two things happened. I realized I had glue on my hands and had touched the gold paper.


Not a good look.

Secondly, I realized the bristles on my brush were too stiff to lightly brush away the paper. This left the edges looking jagged and rough, not exactly what I had in mind..


Once the actual vase was done I thought I was in the clear. Boy was I wrong. I got the moss that I had purchased not thinking really too much about it. I figured it all pretty much did the same thing. What I wasn’t expecting was the smell that hit me when I pulled it out of the jar. It smelled like a moldy old washrag that had been left in the smelliest of gym bags. Disgusting. But having no other option..I used it.


Next up was to put the succulents into the moss.


It turns out that not only is the moss smelly, but it also isn’t a very good base to put the succulents in. It isn’t dense enough and therefore allows for too much movement. Also, I should have bought a wire to put around the base of the succulents because their stems weren’t really long enough to firmly be stuck in.

The finished product looked like this.


It doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but remember that this is not a close up. It also has filters on I kind of cheated a bit. In my defense though, I had just spent an hour on this and wanted at least one part of it to be pretty!

In hindsight there were a lot of things I would have done differently. I could have bought different adhesive, gotten a softer brush, or avoided gold leafing paper by using paint. Either of these options would have greatly improved my finished product.

Remember that not every project you’re going to tackle is going to turn out like a professional. You’re doing it yourself, there will be flaws. The important things is that you learn from these mistakes and then take that knowledge into your next project.

From my eye for the shy,



One thought on “Everybody Makes Mistakes..

  1. I’m so sorry about your trouble! I haven’t modge podge in a while, I had thought to use it for something similiar to this but got distracted. So, I am glad you shared this or the same thing would have happened to me. It does look really cute in your photo. Loving your idea!


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