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Why to DIY

Some people just don’t see the point of DIY. And to this I say to them, I don’t see the point of that ideology.

Recently I was speaking with a few of my friends and told them the blog I had. While they all agreed that it was “so cute” the general consensus was that it was unnecessary. In fact, one of my friends said to me that they “just thought it was easier to hire a professional.” Upon hearing their thoughts, I went online to see if other people thought this way. Not surprisingly, I found many articles denouncing DIY. I found this one however that really peaked my interest.

When I first started reading it, two of the three main points they made were correct. You should know what you’re doing before you start. You should decide if it is safe for you and your home if you take on a project. However, I differ with them on the idea that the time you spend on a DIY project isn’t worth it.

I can tell you from personal experience that yes, if you hire a professional the chances are that it will go quicker than if you did it yourself. However, you have to weigh the cost aspect.

Whenever I was working on my headboard, the total cost was around fifty dollars. I found a comparable one online priced at almost four hundred dollars. To some people, three hundred fifty dollars might not be that much, but to a poor college student that is huge.

Their other argument is that DIY projects aren’t worth your time. I highly disagree with this because I use DIY projects as a chance to get my friends together. Every time we work on some new project I thought up, we have the best memories.

While I can see some of the drawback to doing a DIY project, I think the pros outweigh the cons. It’s a chance to prove to yourself that you are capable of making things you thought you couldn’t and gives you the confidence to know in the future to take on harder tasks.

DIY projects also allow great memories with friends. It is amazing to have a group of people work toward a common goal and the feeling of accomplishment when it’s over makes everything seem worth it.

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