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5 Ways to Discover Your Decorative Style


Before anyone can embark on a DIY journey, there is one crucial first step that they must take. They have to decide what their style is. When I first started thinking about my apartment all I knew was that I wanted it to be pretty. My definition of pretty may not be the same as yours. I never knew all the different types of decorating styles until I started looking them up online, and holy cow was I overwhelmed with all the options.

Luckily for us, there are online quizzes that can help you find what kind you are. Whenever you take one of these they will show you lots of pictures and ask what “speaks to you most.” However, if you’re like me…I don’t really know whether royal blue or navy blue speaks to me the most. So instead of taking the quizzes, I have come up with 5 kinds of quirky, but in my nonprofessional opinion, fool-proof ways to decide your style.

1. Where you live matters.

I know this might sound weird at first because you’re going to think “my style is the same no matter where I am.” And to this I say to you, false. Although you want to stick with what you like, you also need to take into account the trends that are in your area. For example, if I live on the beach I would want to incorporate breezy materials, pastels, and shells I found outside during my afternoon walk…while having a 75 degree day…with a slight breeze…and the smell of the sea in the air. Sorry, I digress (hey, I live in the middle of Indiana, a girl can dream.) Whereas if I lived in the south west I would want to have rich colors, a couple cactus plants and a few native artifacts I found. Being true to what you like is definitely important, but where you live and the trends you will have must not be over looked.

2. Colors you love.

While I said that royal blue or navy blue doesn’t “speak” to me more than the other, it is important to understand your color pallet. Personally, I like very neutral tones. I love black, beige, cream, and grey. I gravitate toward these colors so I know if I have them in my home, that is what I will feel the most comfortable in. However, I have a friend who adores color. She loves anything bright and vibrant. Her house would look vastly different from mine because in the end, we are designing a room that suits US and makes US happy.

3. Clothing, the reflection of your inner self.

If you shop like I do, then you usually have the few set stores that you know no matter what you will always find something cute to wear. These stores are your safe place because you feel like they just “get you” and they know your personal style. For example, if you tend to buy more structured clothing, then the chances are you’ll like straight lines and clean simple colors in your house. If you’re more on the boho side of dressing, then you’ll more thank likely be drawn to rich colors and patters for your home.

4. Pinterest tells all.

I love Pinterest. It is my happy place. So how do I combine my love of DIY and Pinterest? I made a “home is where the heart is” board. This is the place where I pin all of my favorite rooms I’ve seen. A great way to tell your style is to simply go through and look at what you pinned. Ignore the one random room that you just thought was cool so you pinned it. Instead, look through your photos and see what you seem to be pinning the most. If 80% of your pins are shabby chic, then guess what! That’s your style.

5. Makeup isn’t just for your face.

Makeup can tell a lot about a person, just like your home can. If I saw someone wearing a bold red lip and winged eyeliner, then I know this person has flare. I would not be surprised to walk into that person’s home and see a bold statement in their living room. Just like if I saw someone with minimal to no makeup on, I would know this person is more in tuned with being natural. I would not be surprised to walk into this person’s house and see wooden accents in their home or neutral colors throughout their house. Just like one look isn’t better than the other, the same goes for your decorating style.

The most important rule to remember that you are decorating for yourself. You are the person who is going to be living in it day-to-day so do what makes you happy.


From my eye for the shy,



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