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DIY Newbies…Unite!

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I think it’s safe to say that every person wants someone to walk into their home and say “wow, this looks amazing.” When that happens, it makes you feel so good. But do you know what doesn’t make you feel good? Spending a ton of money on a small decorative object just for others to notice.

I will be graduating college in about 14 weeks, and being a poor college student who still wants that “wow” factor in their future apartment has caused me to get creative while decorating. This means I have had to become a “DIYer,” as I like to put it.

Let me just start with this disclaimer: I am no professional, in fact I’m not even an amateur…I’m more of a beginner who just likes to rope her friends into helping her do some crazy DIY ideas she saw online. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never even watched DIY Network and I’ve just recently gotten into HGTV. Like I said: newbie.

However! The more I look online, the more I find myself getting inspired. Every time I create a new piece, I love it that much more because I know all the hard work that went into it. Plus it feels great saving money by making something, not just buying it.

Throughout these next couple months I will be embarking on new DIY projects. So join me in creating something “drab to fab.” Along the way I’m sure there will be tears, failures and embarrassing stories..but I also hope there will be laughter, learning, and a few successes. So to all you beginners like me out there, lets DIT (do it together) and have a great time while proving to ourselves that we are capable of amazing things.


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